About Us

SuperSplitting is an internet based superannuation law practice specialising in Super and Family Law. We provide advice to other professionals on the effects of relationship breakdown upon superannuation. SuperSplitting was started in 2002 by Stephen Bourke to provide advice and assistance to lawyers as they came to grips with the changes to the Family Law Act that gave the Courts the power to split superannuation.

SuperSplitting provides expert advice and assistance to lawyers and other professionals to assist their clients ensure that they receive their just entitlements following a family law breakdown. We also provide assist trustees of self managed funds where a member or members are separating to ensure that the fund remains compliant and the interests of the members are not adversely affected.

SuperSplitting also often participates in collaborations to assist the parties and the collaborative lawyers work out a fair and equitable way to divide their superannuation entitlements. SuperSplitting also provides advice where there may have been negligence by a previous lawyer.

Subscribers to the SuperSplitting website have access to an impressive suite of resources including regular webinars, caselaw and precedents. Subscribers also have premium access to other SuperSplitting services such as valuations, draft orders and advice at a discount rate. Subscribers also receive a free copy of our book Super Splitting for Family Lawyers