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The calculator provides an estimate of a member’s superannuation interest, according to the default formula prescribed by the Family Law Act.

The SuperSplitting Calculator is an easy to use tool for complex actuarial calculations prescribed by the new super splitting laws. The super splitting laws prescribe formulas for the valuation of a superannuation interests:

  • Accumulation Interests (growth phase)
  • Defined benefit interests (lump sum)
  • Defined benefit interests (pension)
  • Defined benefit interests (lump sum + pension)
  • Partially vested accumulation interests (basic)
  • Partially vested accumulation interests (advanced)
  • Payment phase (life pension)
  • Payment phase (fixed term pension)
  • Payment phase (life pension or fixed term with future lump sum)

The SuperSplitting calculator has been actuarially certified by the Heron Partnership. It has all tables and calculations built in.

All that is required is the entry of basic factual data and the answer is provided.

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